Musical Tic-Tactical-Toe with TEN from Sennep

It was a great pleasure to work with Sennep on the sound concept for their new app; TEN.

Designed and developed to celebrate a decade of digital design: TEN is a brain-tickling board game of tic-tactical-toe. The resulting minimalist turn-based game, not only allows you to compete online and test your brain-power against others but creates unique generative melodies as you play!

We’re particularly proud of the 9 step ‘waltz’ time sequencer that allows you to listen to the musical patterns constructed as the game progresses.

Give it a go for free on the AppStore

V&A Hollywood Costume

We worked closely with Squint/Opera and exhibition designers Casson Mann to provide sound and SFX for a series of dramatic animated film installations for Hollywood Costume, the V&A’s major autumn exhibition. Exploring the central role of costume design as an essential tool of cinema storytelling, the exhibition has gathered together over one hundred of the most iconic costumes.

The exhibits weave different narratives together using a rich selection of montages, film clips and projections to tell the stories behind the exhibits and set them firmly in context. The brief was to create a unifying selection of SFX for each of the ten filmic experiences, ensure that all of the audio interviews and narrative were comprehensible within the spaces and introduce a real playfulness to each focal point. The installations include a deconstructed Indiana Jones costume set and an animated table explaining the design process for Ocean’s 11 costumes placed amongst a vortex of quotes. A series of creative arrangements present dialogues between costumes designers, actors and directors.

OLO Redux!

More fun was had with Sennep at the end of 2012 brainstorming new features for their iOS game OLO. The latest update introduces OLO ‘acheivments’ which let users keep track of their game playing in various ways and awards status icons in recognition of killer moves, number of games won etc. All of the ‘achievments’ come with dedicated sound stingers that notify potential opponents of who they are about to play … seriously addictive!

The new update also introduces 4 different in-game themes, all of which come with their own dedicated take on the OLO theme tune and in-game sounds … much fun was had! check them out!

Lastly, a big thanks to everyone who voted OLO as one of the AppStore’s best of 2012, a serious honour!

Long live OLO!

1 William Street

A buoyant recent soundtrack comission for 1 William Street, a proposed development in Brisbane.

OLO for iOS

Having been great fans of the original web app, it’s been a great pleasure to collaborate with Sennep on the sound for the new incarnation of the OLO game. We’re particularly pleased with the small dive into interactivity in the main menu, allowing users to fade between different parts of the main theme by tilting their device … it might also be the catchiest tune we’ve written to date!

OLO launches in the App Store on May 30th …